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  • Big Day
    A boy is excited about his first day in school, and tells us all about the things he plans to do. He can hardly wait! ..
  • But That Won't Wake Me Up
    Tomorrow is a school day. Maya is worried that she won’t wake up early. But Nanay has some wonderful ideas on how to wake her up. But That Won’t Wake Me Up is a book which will engage kids with the use of sound words and make them more aware of mornings in the Philippines. The book can also be us..
  • Chino the Whiner
    Chino has everything a little boy could ever ask for, but he whines and complains about anything and everything. Then, one day, something happens—he makes new friends, and through them, he learns never to take anything for granted ever again. ..
  • Displaced
    When Elay's Nanay decided to pack her bags, board the airplane, and fly back to Manila, Elay's glorious hours of guitar-playing, exam-flunking, Facebook-viewing, iPod-listening, Justin-daydreaming slowly decreased to zero. The harder she struggled to return to how things were, the greater the for..
  • Matutong Magkurbata kasama ang Kuneho at ang Soro (Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox): Kwento at Awiting Pagtuturo (Story With Instructional Song)
    Matutong Magkurbata kasama ang Kuneho at ang Soro ay isang magandang kwento na nagbibigay ng masaya at simpleng pagtuturo kung paano magtali ng "school boy knot".  Kund ikaw ay isang 'bata sa puso', masusundan mo ang kuneho sa kanyang pagtakas mula sa gutom na gutom na Soro.  Ang kanila..
  • Meet my Superdad
    You don't need a cape to be a superhero! What does it take to be a superhero? For Donny, it's not superhuman strength or x-ray vision. It's not the costume or the cape, either! Let Donny introduce you to his superdad and show you what makes him absolutely super! Enjoy this adventure-filled..
  • Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok 19: Teka, Ang Labo Yata ng Aking Mata
    Lirio was having a hard time reading. Could her eyesight be getting dim? How do we know if a child is nearsighted? Let’s find out through Lirio’s story. ..
  • Mister Beetle's Many Rooms
    Mr Beetle posted a sign in front of his house that read - This House of Five Rooms Belongs to Mr. Beetle.  No Trespassing Please. But soon, other creatures came to live in his house and his house seemd to be growing new rooms!  Mister Beetle's Many Rooms is a story which can be used to ..
  • Peter and Ahmed
    A family moves to Peter's neighborhood. Peter hears his neighbors talking about them. They say that they are bad people since they are Muslims. Peter feels sad. He hopes he can be friends with the new boy, since they are about the same age. But is it really possible for a Christian and a Muslim t..
  • Porcupirate Plans the Day
    Little Porcupirate plans his days with exciting adventures. But when things don’t go his way, he’s about to learn that adventure can be found where he least expects it. This book by National Children's Book Awardee author and illustrator Robert Magnuson will help teach kids about handling da..
  • Sandosenang Sapatos
    Note: This story is written in Filipino with parallel English text. The father of Karina and Susie is a shoemaker. But only Karina gets to wear the shoes that he makes. “Sorry, Bunso, you will never know how it feels like to wear the beautiful shoes our Tatay makes…” Karina whispers to her s..
  • Shy Shelly vs. the Bully
    The second book featuring the painfully shy Shelly Trudy. Now, she belongs to a group of loyal friends who call themselves "The Secret Squad." Their mission is to protect their schoolmates from bullying, and to fight against bullying. Their first mission is to make the biggest bully of their clas..